At T.L. Jackson Construction, we are dedicated to continuous improvement. When our customers make suggestions, we take them seriously. It is important to listen to these comments because our customers are who make us who we are!

Our customers asked for different and new equipment, so that’s what they got! Over the past few months, we have purchased a few pieces of equipment to make bigger projects come to life! An electric forklift, a 50,000lb capacity construction lift, and a new Peterbilt truck have a new home with us. These items have created new possibilities for us and our clients.

Hyster Electric Forklift

  • Access to industries that only allow electric lifts onsite like food and sciences
  • No tailpipe emissions
  • Peace and quiet- quieter than propane options
  • Minimal maintenance

Myler Apache 50,000lb Construction Lift

  • Gives us a capacity over 50,000lbs of what we could previously lift

“The Pete” Peterbilt 384

  • Adding another truck to our fleet means more availability to take on projects!
  • Newer vehicles mean less maintenance and more reliability
  • We have also added a few more CDL-licensed drivers to our team!

Our New Peterbilt

Apart from these new additions we also have a wide line of forklifts, trucks, trailers, cranes, rigging and excavation equipment. Combine those with our employees’ 70+ years of field experience, we truly are a one-stop-shop for all your machinery moving and crane work needs!

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