Whether this is your first or hundredth job with us, the process is similar, quick, and almost effortless. We take pride in doing all the hard work and letting you just tell us “where and when.” 

From your initial inquiry to job completion there is little to do on your part. We’ll walk you through the steps of the few things you’ll need to do. 

  1. Get Prepared- You’ll need to compile all of the details for the job. What will we be rigging? Pictures help! What are the dimensions and weights? What does access look like? Is there anything in the way? What is the approximate time needed on the job?
  2. Contact Us for a Quote and Scheduling- We offer free quotes and can send out an estimator to look at your project. Once you’re happy with your quote, we can get your job scheduled! There are many ways to schedule. Email ([email protected]) and phone call (717-428-9911) work best for us. You can also contact us through our form on our main website. Be sure to let us know how many hours or days you expect us to be on site, if possible.
  3. Prepare the Jobsite– You’ll want to be sure that the area is cleared when we are ready for work. If we are working out of the parking lot, be sure to tell your employees ahead of time that a portion of the lot will be unavailable for the day. If we are inside of a building, have any hazards or employees cleared from the area before we arrive. A clean and clear working environment helps us complete the job easier and safer.
    Crane rental and rigging work requires a clean shop, as pictured.
    A clean and clear jobsite benefits everyone!
  4. Receive the Bill- Now that all the work is done, you’ll just need to receive our electronic invoice and you’re ready for the next job!

We have simplified the whole process into just four steps. If you need a crane rental, rigging, or warehousing options, follow this guide to make completing your job easy!



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